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How to Login to Demonstration Mode

2. Type 'demo' into all three sign in fields then click ‘sign in’.

3. Choose a section and task block (blue buttons as pictured below) to try tasks from a particular area in the program.

Symphony Math Demonstration Mode
Symphony Math demonstration mode allows you to explore the student side of the program.  

The program randomises question presentation to avoid students relying on memorisation or coping work, so as students begin each new question they may receive a different task presentation to their peers.

Automatic scaffolding provides each student with a personalised learning path.  Students will not see all possible questions, but only those needed for their individual progress through the program.

Full program scaffolding is not provided in demo mode, however you will be advised what action the program would take depending on if you provide correct or incorrect answers.

You can choose from any of the activities at every stage of the program.  Activities are branched into ‘Placement’, ‘Skill’ and ‘Focus’ type challenges which provide progressing levels of practice instruction, provided to each student depending on answers given.

Fluency’ rounds provide timed practice opportunities that are introduced following appropriate program targets.

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