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Year 1-8 Numeracy Development and Math Remediation


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Symphony Math encourages the best practices in math learning, involves teachers directly in the learning process, and is a proven solution. The Symphony Math system is based on ground breaking cognitive research and developmental psychology in the acquisition of deep Number understanding.

Symphony Math unique delivery and highly intuitive interface, supports students of all skills levels to become confident, more capable mathematicians. Symphony Math helps transform math classrooms by involving and supporting teachers extensively throughout student use, with a focus on the most important skills for emerging mathematicians, delivered using research-proven methodologies.

Symphony Math can be implemented as a sound foundation for your primary math curriculum, or remediation with any age. Ensure students are given every opportunity for math mastery by combining the scaffolded online activities with the printable practice and extension resources, providing a rich, cognitively designed learning environment.

Personalised Student Learning
Instant Teacher Access to Important Information
Printable Resources that support and extend online learning
Symphony Math automatically identifies each students’ levels of proficiency and adjusts the online curriculum accordingly.
Symphony Math® offers a Dashboard and many different data views to help teachers guide classroom instruction and document  student progress.
A primary goal of Symphony Math is to encourage student thinking and problem-solving.

Symphony offline materials are designed to promote a conversation about the key concepts in math and extend skills learned.


Symphony Math aids students to develop a deep understanding of Number, without which they will struggle with fractions and other advanced math concepts.

Many students struggle with math because they rely on arbitrary memorisation techniques to answer specific questions. With this approach, students do not gain a substantive understanding of fundamentals and simply cannot adjust to more sophisticated problem solving. Deeply understanding math concepts such as subtraction being the inverse of addition, identifying numbers that can divide into another number without a remainder, and math language such as the 'equals' sign in a math sentence doesn't simply mean 'this is the answer' are all fundamental for success with higher level math.

With Symphony Math®, these problems are resolved. Symphony Math® helps students understand at a conceptual level. Instead of being overwhelmed by numbers, students move at their own speed and learn how math works.
Through every Skill Stage of Symphony Math®, students gain a strong foundation in underlying principles and become better equipped to take on basic and advanced subjects.

NZ math standards state that 'Number' should be the focus for 60-80% of the math teaching time in years 1 to 4, 50-70% in years 5 to 6, and 40-60% in years 7 to 8.


The best practices in developmental psychology and cognitive science are the cornerstones of Symphony Math®. The uniquely designed delivery methods ensure that students – regardless of learning styles or knowledge levels – fully grasp fundamental mathematical ideas, even for difficult-to-explain and abstract concepts.

Multiple representations of each concept, including: story problems, auditory sentences, and visual models, integrate with a structured conceptual sequence to help students visualise, reinforce, and apply ideas quickly and accurately.

The result is a solid foundation for acquiring higher math skills, as well as a positive learning experience.


A Growth Mindset framework helps students to achieve greater success when they are taught to embrace their mistakes as part of the learning journey. Instead of allowing students to believe math is too hard, or that they are just not a math person, we need to teach them that success requires hard work – and if you work hard you will improve. Mistakes are a valuable and essential part of learning!


Based on Science | Focused on Students

Symphony Math® is based on groundbreaking cognitive research and developmental psychology. Please read some of the research below or contact us to learn more about our scientific foundations.

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