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Screening and Diagnostic Tools


GL Assessments Lucid

Lucid provides a comprehensive range of literacy and cognitive skills assessment software that aid in identification of student strengths and weaknesses, which can form a solid platform from which to develop an IEP. Lucid programs are recommended for use by specialist trained staff such as RTLB, RTLit and Senco. Lucid assessment tools have been designed for use with various age ranges, so choose the products that best fit who you will you will carry out assessments with.

To get the most out of your Lucid Screening and Diagnostic software we recommend you attend one of our regular training sessions.
For example, you could learn how to use Lucid software to check aspects of cognition that the majority of students on the dyslexic spectrum have difficulty with. The dyslexic student may experience challenges with one or more of the following:
  1. Phonological Awareness
  2. Sequential Memory
  3. Visual Memory/processing
  4. Organisation
  5. Working Memory
  6. Auditory Discrimination


PRODUCT NEWS - Exact, Rapid, CoPS, and LASS 8-11 years are now provided in flexible web-based platforms.
The IT Education Co NZ continue to sell and support GL Assessments Lucid programs, including online versions.
LASS 8-11
LASS 11-15
Cognitive profiling system
Ages 4-7
Identify learning strength & weaknesses
Ages 8-11
Identify learning strength & weaknesses
Ages 11-15
Exam access & literacy assessment
Ages 11-24
Assess verbal & non-verbal reasoning
Ages 4-16
Working memory assessment
Ages 7-16
Quick dyslexia screening
Ages 4-15
Quick dyslexia screening for adults
Ages 15+


If your Lucid assessment indicates visual cognition weaknesses, then Cross-Trainer brain training software may be a beneficial remediation solution to consider for that student.  The Cross-Trainer program was developed by scientists to enhance aspects of cognition associated with reading difficulties and dyslexia.
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