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LASS 11-15 (Lucid Assessment System for School)
For ages 11 years to 15 years 11 months
Test duration 45 minutes
Digital test format (local or network installation - no online version available)
LASS 11-15 can be used for assessment of general ability, specific learning difficulties, dyslexia (or dyslexia screener followup), and some support evidence for SAC arrangements.

The tests quickly identify any difficulties related to dyslexia or those caused by underlying cognitive problems in phonology and/or memory, highlighting any differences between a pupil’s actual and expected literacy levels, and an estimate of non-verbal intelligence.

LASS 11-15 is very easy to administer. The full suite of eight computerised modules takes about 45 minutes, on average, to administer, but it is adaptive so test time can vary and teachers may choose to administer only some of the tests if they wish. Students require supervision while doing tests.

LASS 11-15 assesses:

  • Visual Memory
  • Auditory-verbal memory
  • Phonic reading skills
  • Phonological processing ability
  • Single word reading
  • Sentence Reading
  • Spelling
  • Reasoning

Most of the modules are adaptive tests — that is, the computer automatically adjusts the difficulty of the items to suit the ability level of the student. This means that assessment is faster and more efficient, and also prevents students becoming bored by items which are too easy or frustrated by items that are too difficult.

Using LASS results

The LASS approach promotes the awareness of students’ individual learning abilities and encourages taking these into account when teaching. Since the LASS graphical profile indicates a student’s cognitive strengths as well as limitations, it gives the teacher important insights into their learning styles. In turn, this provides essential pointers for curriculum development, for differentiation within the classroom, and for more appropriate teaching techniques.

Each report is composed of a bar chart including centile scores for each of the eight assessment tasks, a scores
Summary table, Export to Excel option and an optional
Comment feature.

Individual test results can are available as:
  • Raw scores (progressive tests)
  • Pass rates (adaptive tests)
  • Centile scores
  • Z-scores (standard deviation units)
  • Age equivalent scores

Results are generated as clear graphical profiles and individual response records, clearly show children's strengths and weaknesses in comparison with standardised norms. Use of a standardised graphical profile makes it easy to spot students who are underperforming.

Accurate and wider interpretation of results will benefit from user experience and PD.

LASS 11-15 system requirements:

Available as single Standalone or School Network installations.
Internet is required only to download the install files. The program is not online and will not require internet after initial download.
  • Standalone software runs on Windows® OS PC's.
  • Network software runs on Windows® Server 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
  • Microsoft SQL server® is required as database engine. It's highly recommend to check hardware and software requirements for Installing SQL Server 2014 (here).
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