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LADS Plus (Lucid Adult Dyslexia Screening)
For ages 15+ years
Test duration 25-30 minutes
Digital test format (local or network installation - no online version available)
Swift, objective and accurate identification of dyslexia for ages 15+, including adults

LADS Plus can be used in any adult setting whether educational or employment-related, e.g. tertiary education, adult literacy centres, basic skills centres, learning support units, prison and youth offender education units, employment centres and workplaces, providing:

  • Speedy, adaptive assessment
  • Minimal supervision required
  • Non-threatening assessment
  • Automatic reports

LADS Plus does not require psychological or educational qualifications to administer and provides accurate screening including with individuals who have non-standard educational backgrounds, low general ability, and/or poor English language skills.

LADS Plus comprises five assessment modules, which measure:
    1. Nonverbal Reasoning
    2. Verbal Reasoning
    3. Word Recognition (Lexical decoding involving speeded recognition of real words from non-words).1
    4. Word Construction (Speeded lexical encoding of non-words from syllables)
    5. Working Memory (Backwards digit span)

            The tests in LADS Plus are adaptive; that is, the program varies the items given according to the performance of the individual taking the test, making the assessment swift and efficient. Each of the five modules in LADS Plus takes about five minutes, so the whole screening can usually be completed in about 25 minutes. Results can be viewed on screen or printed out immediately.

            Automatic reports
            The computer automatically generates a simple graphical report for each person assessed. Individual module scores are compared to normative data. Indications are given of whether or not the scores fall into the dyslexic 'risk' category. There is ample room on the report for administrators to add their own comments before the report is printed. The LADS Plus reasoning modules also provide an estimate of the person's general intellectual ability, which can be important when giving advice about further action after screening.
            LADS Plus system requirements:
            Available as single Standalone or School Network installations.
            Internet is required only to download the install files. The program is not online and will not require internet after initial download.
            • Standalone software runs on Windows® OS PC's.
            • Network software runs on Windows® Server 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
            • Microsoft SQL server® is required as database engine. It's highly recommend to check hardware and software requirements for Installing SQL Server 2014 (here).
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