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EXACT (for SAC application screening and evidence)
For ages 11 years - 24 years 11 months
Test duration 30-40 minutes
Online test format
Exact saves time in the SAC application process.

Exact can be used by access arrangements assessors as an integral part of their assessment of students who may require examination access arrangements and the results from Exact can be used as evidence for SAC applications.

Test administration is carried out entirely on the computer. Each test begins with spoken instructions and practice items. Exact is easy to use, requires minimal supervision and takes only 30-40 minutes. It is a most efficient solution for assessment for access arrangement, particularly for larger groups of students. Testing can be broken into smaller chunks by completing each of the 4 sub-tests at seperate times.

Flags literacy difficulties

Exact compares individual students to benchmarks in word recognition, spelling, reading comprehension and dictation (typing and handwriting speeds), as difficulties here can compromise exam performance.

The Exact suite comprises standardised tests of the following areas of attainment:
  • Word recognition
  • Reading comprehension and reading speed
  • Spelling
  • Typing to dictation
  • Handwriting to dictation

Aids identification of potential students for SAC

Exact is quick to administer, making it suitable for whole-class screening to ensure that no student who might be eligible for exam access arrangements slips through the net.

By identifying those students who require reasonable adjustments, more students will be able to realise their potential in achieving exam results that reflect their true capabilities. As a school this helps you to both demonstrate and provide evidence as to how you are ensuring that you are supporting the welfare of all students. It’s also reassuring to parents and can greatly reduce exam stress in students.

Lucid Exact has been specifically designed to meet the need for a group of tests that assess whether examination candidates should have access arrangements, such as extra time or use of a reader or scribe in written examinations. The program is also appropriate for assessing students with specific learning difficulties in secondary, further or higher education, or for teachers wishing to obtain a standardised objective assessment of literacy of groups of students within the test’s age range, or of individual students within the test’s age range who have specific problems (such as slow handwriting, spelling or reading comprehension).
Quality features of Lucid Exact:
• Easy to administer
• Takes about 30-40 minutes
• Two parallel forms for repeated assessment
• Results in standard scores and percentiles

Lucid Exact Online system requirements:
Lucid Exact is in an online format, requiring an internet connection for both program administration and student test sittings.
Click here for system Technical Specifications.

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