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Students work independently at their own pace, through motivating online activities that cover the skills needed to become proficient readers.  

Students have choice over daily activities that automatically adapt based on every response, to ensure they receive the appropriate intensity of practice, support and instruction they need.

Lexia Core5 online activities provide scaffolded support and explicit instruction exactly where needed.  Integrated printable Lexia Lessons and Lexia Skill Builder workbooks provide further opportunities develop and consolidate skills.


As students move through the Core5 program, they are engaged and motivated by activities that take them on a journey around the world. Each Core5 program level represents a different area of the world and introduces new characters that are representative of each region.

Animated videos introduce each new program level.  Students can click characters to hear fun facts about each new location.  Within each level, students choose which skills and activities they want to work on, allowing them to be self-directed in their learning.


The first time students' login they are given a series of strength based Auto-Placement questions, then immediately start at an appropriate program level based on their performance. This strengths based placement uses content from the programs word recognition and comprehension activities.



The branching structure in Core5 personalises each students' online learning experience, providing scaffolded support and explicit instruction exactly where needed.

At-risk, on-level, and advanced students can each work at their own pace, and their teacher is notified (on web-based reports and via email) when they require additional teacher support or intervention.

If a student struggles in a particular skill, the programs automatic branching simplifies the task to help them focus on the key skill. If they continue to struggle, the program explicitly teaches the skill, then further scaffolds the task, until mastery is achieved.   Because explicit instruction is only provided when needed, the program allows students who demonstrate mastery to move quickly through questions and onto more advanced skills.

The branching structure is composed of three steps: Standard, Guided Practice and Instruction:

Standard Step
The Standard Step is the independent, levelled task. The student must demonstrate at least 90% accuracy in this step in order to move on to the next unit.

Guided Practice Step
Students in need of extra support branch to the Guided Practice Step which simplifies the task to allow them to focus on the specific skill. Scaffolds or modifications in this step may include removing choices, simplifying visual components, adjusting the complexity of language, changing the presentation of the task, or providing embedded support.

Instruction Step
If students continue to struggle they branch to the Instruction Step for explicit instruction on the concepts and rules for the skill. The task then further scaffolds until mastery is demonstrated.


Motivate students and celebrate their success by printing the personalised certificates automatically created for each program level completed by every student.  Core5 Certificates include an "At Home" section that helps keep parents informed about their child's progress.  Alternative illustrated certificate layouts are also available that may appeal more to younger students and even include Black and White options for colouring in.

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