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We are pleased to be able to offer New Zealand schools a free one term trial of the Cross-Trainer program.

Trials will enable schools to use the program with real students to ascertain the benefits of regular Cross-Trainer usage for yourself.

An administrator login to the program will not be provided as part of the trial, however we can email you data reports etc as required.

Upon approval of your trial we will email the Trial Contact named in the Cross-Trainer Trial Application Form with:
  • program download instructions
  • student logins

Please email or phone 03-5280094 line 1 for assistance.


Use of the Cross-Trainer program for school trial purposes requires:
  • Download and installation of the program onto a Windows PC/laptop.
  • A reliable internet connection to the PC(s) the program will be used on.
  • A compatible hand controller – we recommend Logitech F310 controllers.
Other controllers are not guaranteed to run the program, and will not match our controller instructions. Controllers can be purchased from us for $49+GST each, plus postage, or from a store of your choice.
School Details
Program Details
Cross-Trainer requires a Logitech F310 game controller to run – tick below to purchase a Logitech F310 controller to be sent with your free trial software package. (Non-returnable)
 Cross-Trainer Logitech F310 Controller
Other controller types may not run the program and are unsupported

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