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Symphony Math® uses a visual and highly intuitive interface to help students understand math at a conceptual level.  Instead of being overwhelmed by numbers, students move at their
own speed and learn how math works.  The programs personalised pathways make it suitable for both remediation settings, and as part of a whole class math curriculum.  Building on previous knowledge, students develop a thorough understanding of Numeracy, without which they will struggle with fractions and other advanced concepts.

Students develop a deep understanding of mathematics by mastering the foundational ideas in Number.

  • Easy to implement
  • Engaging for Students
  • Scaffolded online instruction
  • Print Materials delivered at student level
  • Research-Based and Proven
  • Perfect for Remediation
  • NZC Number Levels 1 to 4
“The key to understanding math is making sense of it. Many students believe that math is a set of formulas that have to be remembered – this belief is associated with low achievement. Math is a very creative subject that is, at its core, about visualising patterns and creating solution paths that others can see, discuss and critique.”

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