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The Symphony Math® teacher dashboard displays many different reports that show student progress in the program and help teachers guide classroom instruction.
Reports include concept-by-concept information on the progress of each student through each program stage and concept.  This detailed level of data tracking highlights a student’s area of need down to the specific concept, representation, and number relationship.

Instruction Status Report
An Instruction Status Report provides a list of all students in a specified class/group with their overall use, progress, and status.

The program links teachers directly to recommended printable Guided Practice Worksheets when students need them, and each students most recent Certificates earned.

Teachers can quickly sort students by last usage date or total program time to ensure students are completing adequate time on the program.

Instruction Daily Progress
A Daily Progress Report displays session-by-session details for each student.  

The level of intensity of each task challenge are categorised as Placement, Skills, Focus and Fluency, which tells the teacher whether a student was able to progress through a challenge by completing just a few brief Placement questions, or if more Skill practice or Focus on instruction was required.

Colour coding highlights which tasks students struggled with.

Teachers can click on any task number to view a demo of the exact task the student was working on.
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