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Some great changes and additions are coming to both the Symphony Math student program and the all-new Data Dashboard.  Here are some of the new features in store for the July 2017 update:

New (and FAST!) Data Dashboard
Educators need fast and easy access to data in order to guide instructional decisions.  Based on teacher feedback, Symphony Learning have developed a new Data Dashbaord based on customer feedback. The updated Symphony Dashboard will help educators to quickly determine:

  • Which of my students are struggling, and what are my next steps?
  • Which standards have my students mastered, and which ones are still in progress?
  • Are my students using Symphony Math with fidelity?
  • How can I track and celebrate progress with my students?

Visual Feedback for Every Task
Visual math, using models to represent mathematical ideas, is the primary strategy promoted in Symphony Math. For the updated version, Symphony have extended the use of models so that students consistently see how models can justify a solution. Every task will end with a ‘justification’ sequence that checks a solution. Constructing with models? Great, let’s justify your solution! Completing a word problem? Let’s use a model to justify your solution:

Video Support for Students and Teachers
Math learning is cumulative. Each new skill that students master in Symphony Math adds to their foundation in number that they will use when they approach more complex topics. To help students think about these connections, the updated program will offer both students and teachers video support for every Stage in the curriculum. These short videos will provide orientation to students at the beginning of their work, and reflection prompts when they master content. For teachers, videos will provide a way for them to see how a Stage’s skills fit into the overall picture of math development for their students.

Growth Mindset Features
Symphony loves Growth Mindset.  The Symphony Buzz™  newsletter shows how Growth Mindset can be incorporated into your math classroom. In the July update, Symphony are adding features to the Student Program to help promote these ideas:
  • Recognition that mistakes are an important part of learning
  • Strategy suggestions for struggling students
  • Less emphasis on timed mastery (double the time allowed for Mastery Round facts)
  • Celebration of grit and perseverance at the end of Task Groups

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