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Symphony Math® offers a Dashboard and many different data views to help teachers guide classroom instruction and document student progress.

Staff can access concept-by-concept information on the progress of each student through each program stage and activity. This detailed level of data tracking highlights a student’s area of need down to the specific concept, representation, and number relationship.


How is my implementation going?

The Use and Progress data can be viewed at three levels:

School wide - shows the percentages of students achieving consistent usage and progress towards year-level (and above) work in each School Year.

Class/Year - lists usage and progress data for all students in the class/year.

Student - more detailed usage for each student by session or task.

Session-by-session details can be viewed for each student that colour code question attempts to show which specific tasks the student found the most challenging, and provide instant demo’s of the exact task the student worked on at the click of a button.


Have my students mastered essential math concepts?

The Standards data view by student presents a very readable summary of each student’s cumulative work on the program by math concept. It lists all skills covered by the program, which ones the specific student has worked on and mastered, how many attempts they had at each task group compared to their peers, and also highlights tasks they found challenging.



How can I help my struggling students?

The HELP data view provides teachers with details on students that are currently struggling with a Symphony Math task. When the program has slowed the pace of instruction as much as possible, and still students cannot achieve mastery, they appear in this data view. A wealth of task specific information, learning tools, and printable practice resources are available by pressing the different areas of this view.



Encourage achievement with built in Awards.

The Awards data view displays the latest certificates and Goal Sheets available for each active student in Symphony Math. Success is a great motivator. Students work very hard during their use of the program, and the rewards structure that you put in place can help students celebrate the gains they make.



A view of basic facts mastery.

The Fluency data view displays “Mastery Round” progress data. Mastery Rounds are timed fact rounds which provide students an opportunity to practice their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Mastery Rounds are timed, but students are given ample time for each fact (about 15 seconds). In this way, each Mastery Round focuses on accuracy, not speed.
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