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A primary goal of Symphony Math is to encourage student thinking and problem-solving.

Symphony offline materials are designed to promote a conversation about the key concepts in math and extend skills learned.

Students should be able to take the concepts and tools learned within the program and apply them to new situations.


Each concept in Symphony Math has accompanying worksheets that allow students to practice and master the most important ideas in mathematics. Each set of worksheets follows the same approach:
  • Manipulatives
  • Bridge (to Symbols)
  • Symbols
  • Apply (Story Problems with models)

Help indicators in your online Symphony Teacher Dashboard will recommend and link directly to the appropriate set of Guided Practice Worksheets for students who are struggling with the online tasks.

One-on-one or small group instruction with the materials is recommended for students who need more time to make connections between the mathematical concepts in the Stage and the application of those concepts in their math curriculum.


Symphony Extensions are additional offline worksheets that help encourage transfer of learned skills. A mixture of Symphony-like tasks and novel tasks will help teachers ensure that students have full understanding of each Stage’s concepts, and can apply them outside of the program.


Celebrate student achievement in the Symphony Math program by printing an Awards Certificate for every Stage of the program they complete. Your online Symphony Teacher Dashboard Reports links directly to each students most recent certificate for easy printing.

Goal Sheets can be used in conjunction with awards that students earn throughout the Symphony Math student program. Each score sheet contains markers that represent important milestones in the program. Printable sticker templates are available for each award badge to complete the goal sheets.

Printable Achievement Charts are another a great way to celebrate student’s efforts.
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