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Reading Plus® is a web-based program designed to bridge the gap between functional literacy skills and reading for meaning.
Research suggests that students who read more efficiently, are more confident and motivated: the more confident and motivated a student is, the more capable they are at understanding text.

Students using Reading Plus® learn to make connections, formulate opinions and develop the ability to express and support those opinions with evidence and knowledge.

Reading Plus® is the only IT-based program that explicitly teaches silent reading fluency to develop comprehension and vocabulary to levels that meet the reading demands our students face at High School, in Tertiary Education, and in the Workplace.
Placement and Schedule Recommendations to Maximise Student Progress
Reading Plus® starts with a baseline assessment to place the students on the most appropriate start point on the program.  The InSight assessment determines an individualised instructional path for each student, starting with initial placement levels and weekly assignment recommendations.

Personalised Reading Instruction
Reading Plus® engages students with increasingly complex text from an extensive online library of short stories.   Students choose from a wide selection of texts set at their readability level.

Texts are segmented to scaffold stamina and attention demands, with segment lengths being gradually increased as a student demonstrates improved stamina, rate and comprehension capacity.

Students answer comprehension questions based on the text read, and are guided to re-read the relevant area of the text if help is needed answering the question.

20 Sub-Skills to Build Meaningful Comprehension
Reading Plus provides practice with 20 comprehension sub-skills to ensure students develop the ability to understand texts in a deep and meaningful way.

Proprietary Vocabulary List to Help Students Achieve Academic Success
Some words do more to help students achieve academic success. Reading Plus uses a proprietary, research-based list of foundational academic vocabulary. These 2,400 words are members of rich morphological families, so learning them provides students with a basis to recognise and understand 10,000 highly frequent, academic words within texts and across curriculum.

Reading / Writing Connection to Enhance Comprehension
Reading Plus provides writing tasks that encourage a close and critical analysis of texts. Writing prompts ask evidence-based questions that test students’ deep understanding of what they’ve read.

Personal Reading Profile to Increase Student Confidence and Motivation
To improve reading engagement, students can choose texts that interest them from 8 high-interest categories.  Reading Plus gathers information about their choices, progress, and gains, and converts that data into a simple, easy-to-read Student Reading Profile. It’s a powerful tool to help students increase motivation and build engagement in their own reading habits, interests, and progress.

Actionable Data that Saves Time and Helps Improve Classroom Instruction
Reading Plus supports teachers in making data-driven decisions, facilitating targeted small group and one-on-one instruction, and organising supplemental online instruction.

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