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Importing Students and/or Teachers into the Reading Plus System
Site Administrators may import data into Reading Plus by sending your import files to our support team, using either our secure web form or SFTP Upload.

In order to import data into Reading Plus, prepare a comma-separated values (CSV) file or export a CSV file from your Student/Teacher Information System. To ensure successful importation, follow the guidelines provided below.

Student Import Guidelines
Student Import Template

Teacher Import Guidelines
Teacher Import Template

System Requirements

Download the Reading Plus System Requirements document (pdf).

  • Reading Plus recommends the Google Chrome™ browser for the optimal user experience.
  • If you are using proxy and/or content fltering, please whitelist * and *
  • *Includes the iPad® mini 2+.

For other supported platforms not covered in this document, please go to

Last Revised July 2016

Click here to get information about purchasing Reading Plus for home use.  If your child is already using Reading Plus in their school, click here for help with setting up your school-to-home connection.

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