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Research Briefs

Reading Plus Research Briefs are available for download.

Meet the A Team

Reading Plus 4.0 has been designed and developed with our Advisory Team of leading experts in the field of reading assessment, reading comprehension, vocabulary and motivation.


Dr. P. David Pearson +
EXPERTISE: Assessment and educational measurement; reading development

"Knowledge, Motivation, and Learning Strategies: A balanced recipe for reading comprehension"
"Tasks that Teach"

Dr. John Guthrie +
EXPERTISE:  Cognitive and motivational aspects of reading and learning



Dr. Ralph Radach +

EXPERTISE: Visual perception, attention, and eye-movement control

Recorded Webinar
"Oral Versus Silent Reading Efficiency"


Dr. Elfrieda Hiebert +
EXPERTISE: Fluency, vocabulary, and knowledge development through appropriate texts

Recorded Webinars
"Texts that Teach"
"Vocabulary Matters"

Dr. Jay Samuels +

EXPERTISE: Methods for improving word recognition, fluency, comprehension, and automaticity

Dr. Timothy Rasinski +

EXPERTISE: Reading fluency and word study; reading in the elementary and middle grades

Dr. D. Ray Reutzel +

EXPERTISE: Literacy development in young children

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