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Tracking Student USE & PROGRESS

Reading Plus provides school staff with access to an extensive management and reporting system to track student use and progress within all of the program’s components at the school, class, and individual student level.  Customisable reporting options allow administrators and teachers to isolate and combine measures of various sub-populations to facilitate ongoing reviews of implementation fidelity and student achievement.


Administrator and teacher dashboards make monitoring fidelity of use and student progress fast and easy.

The program automatically monitors student performance, generating a list of recommended actions that saves valuable time for teachers and ensures students get the attention they need. Teachers are alerted to students who are struggling, have earned performance awards, or have submitted writing assignments. The program’s embedded texting system makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected, which ensures fidelity of use is maintained.

In depth reports provide teachers with the ability to track weekly assignments, evaluate rate of improvement, and assess progress outcomes at various benchmark intervals.


With Reading Plus the student experience is a priority!  Students each login to a customisable dashboard that helps them to track their own progress every time they use the program.
Students understand where they are, where they need to go, and how to get there. Upon logging in, students will receive messages that communicate how they are performing and what Awards they have achieved.

Students feel that their efforts and accomplishments are recognised and celebrated. They will have the opportunity to personalise their Student Dashboard using different colours, wallpapers, and avatars.  Students are progressively awarded with more avatars the more they use the program.

Students see the connection between the work completed in Reading Plus and the impact it has on them as readers and learners. They can see what is needed to finish current levels as well as track assignment completion for the entire school year.

Students have an interactive experience that helps them understand the connection between what they have read, what they have liked, and what they have learned.

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