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Comprehensive Assessment

Reading Plus begins with an assessment, InSight, which allows for personalised and dynamically adjusted instruction that encourages independence, broadens interests, and builds knowledge.

InSight goes beyond the typical measures of comprehension and vocabulary (capacity) by also including measures of comprehension-based silent reading rate (efficiency) and motivation for reading. These often overlooked dimensions of reading have significant effects on ability to make sustainable academic gains and desire to use reading as a tool for lifelong learning.
The initial administration of InSight groups students by instructional needs to determine which students:
  • are in need of comprehension, vocabulary, and/or silent reading rate development
  • are proficient readers who will benefit from building capacity with increasingly complex texts
  • may need a diagnostic assessment to determine if they have the foundational skills needed to begin Reading Plus.

Placement and Schedule Recommendations
InSight’s initial administration determines an individualised instructional path for each student, including:
  • the most appropriate program components for instruction
  • the initial placement level within each component
  • weekly assignment recommendations for each component.

Progress Benchmarking
The initial administration of InSight provides baseline performance measures while subsequent administrations (mid-year and end-of-year) gauge performance changes in:
  • comprehension and vocabulary levels
  • comprehension-based silent reading rate
  • various domains of motivation.

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