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Specialists in computerised assessment and intervention

Lucid provides comprehensive assessment of literacy from age 4 to 24. These programs are mostly used by RTLB, RTLit and Senco staff within schools.

The majority of students on the dyslexic spectrum have difficulties with reading that are generally a result of difficulties with certain aspects of cognition. The student may experience challenges with one or more of the following:

1. Phonological Awareness
2. Sequential Memory
3. Visual Memory/processing
4. Organisation
5. Working Memory
6. Auditory Discrimination

The Lucid programs are used to identify the students strengths and weaknesses. This provides a solid platform from which to develop an IEP.

To get the most out of your Lucid Screening and Diagnostic software we recommend you attend one of our regular regional training sessions.

Cognitive profiling system
ages 4-8

LASS 8-11
Identify learning strengths & weaknesses
ages 8-11

LASS 11-15
Identify learning strengths & weaknesses
ages 11-15

Exam access & literacy assessment
ages 11-24

Assess verbal & non-verbal reasoning
ages 4-16

Working memory assessment
ages 7-16

Quick dyslexia screening
ages 4-15

Quick dyslexia screening
for all abilities
ages 15+

Visual stress screening
ages 7-adult

To complement the Lucid screening software we have carefully selected a range of development programs proven by scientists to enhance aspects of cognition associated with reading difficulties and dyslexia. By enhancing the appropriate areas students develop the cognitive pathways to becoming effective readers.  Click to learn more about Cross-Trainer brain training software or for working memory.

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