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We provide personalised internet or onsite Teacher and Paraprofessional Training.

Training is completely customisable to suit your needs and can include optimisation of Lucid test data gathering to support SAC applications.

Phone 03 5280094 or email to make a booking or discuss your requirements.

Examples of training options that may suit your needs are (but not limited to) the following:

45 - 60 min Personalised One to One Internet Training:
  • Interactive Live screen share webinar directly to your computer.
  • Tailored to your need and responses (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced user options all available)
  • Q & A time
  • Internet and phone connection required

Cost : $120 per session (excl GST) for schools who purchased their software from us - otherwise $160+gst (2019 prices).
Where/When: Directly to your computer at a time that suits you (booking required). Please contact us to discuss.

3 hours on site PD:
Training can be tailored to suit your needs. Below are a few highly recommended options.

  • Introduction to Screening and Assessment Tools
  • Lucid LASS (Basic/Advanced)
  • Lucid COPs (Basic/Advanced)
  • Lucid and SAC - Introductory
  • Ability and Exact for SAC
  • Remediation Tools - Assessment analysis and remediation recommendations

Costs - excl GST (2019) :
Up to 4 staff: $350-$495 (for 1 to 3 hours)
Group of 5–12: $90pp + $150 booking fee (for 3 hours)
(Plus $100-$400 travel contribution for all on site PD; depending on other bookings in your area at the time.)
Where/When: We will try to accommodate your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

Your Personalised Training Goals:
Some goals for your personalised training package may include some of the following (as time permits). Please discuss your needs when you call to book:

Entry Level Training -
  • Develop an understanding of Lucid Software programs e.g. Rapid, Exact, Lass, Cops, Ability, Recall and Viss and the data you can obtain from these programs.
  • Develop best practises in the use of the programs for reading assessment, cognitive profiling, dyslexia screening and gathering data for SAC applications.
  • Ability to setup a student, run an assessment and view results.
  • Have an awareness of accommodations and interventions that can be implemented in response to the Lucid reports.

Advanced User Training -
  • Understand the cognitive factors being assessed and how they impact on learning.
  • To be able to optimise testing procedures with an eye on SAC and Dyslexia.
  • Systematic analysis of Lass and Cops profiles – identify what we can work with, and what we need to work on.
  • Determine effective remediation pathways.

School Staff Onsite PD Requirements :
  • School provides room and morning/afternoon tea if desired.
  • Use of a projector and screen are required.
  • Use of an onsite internet connection is very helpful to ensure smooth delivery.
  • Upon Booking Acceptance the Travel/Booking Confirmation Fee becomes due. This is non-refundable for cancellation.

You can also access product manuals, case studies, sample reports, FAQ's etc. Please click on a link below to visit these pages:


Important Note: All new Lucid licences need the latest versions of the software otherwise the serial number will not be accepted.
Exact in now online, with other Lucid programs scheduled for online release at later dates.

Exact Online System Requirements
Lucid Exact is now in an online format, requiring an internet connection for both program administration and student test sittings.
Click here to check your system is configured for the tests
Click here for further Technical and Support Documentation

Windows CD Install System Requirements
  • Stand alone software runs on multimedia PCs running Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7, 8 or 10 (a CD drive is required)
  • Network software runs on Windows® Server 2003, 2008, XP, Vista and Windows® 7, 8 or 10 (Network Specifications PDF)
  • Microsoft SQL server® is required as database engine, though 2005 Express Edition is supplied free on the CD. 64 bit versions of Windows® and SQL server supported

User and Installation Manuals
Manuals are available on your software install CD, or download using the links below.

Lucid Ability Administrators Manual
Lucid Cops Teachers Manual
Lucid Exact Administrators Manual (CD version)
GL Assessments Exact Online Testwise Admin Setup Quick Guide
Lucid Lass 8-11 Teachers Manual
Lucid Lass 11-15 Teachers Manual
Lucid Lads Plus Administrators Manual
Lucid Rapid Administrators Manual
Lucid Recall Administrators Manual

Lucid FAQ
Which operating systems do Lucid products run on? Which operating systems do Lucid products run on?

Lucid stand-alone software is designed to run on:

Microsoft ® Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10.

New students I have added (or test results) are not being saved New students I have added (or test results) are not being saved

This may be a file or folder permissions issue. The database file in which students and their test results are stored may not be writeable because a folder on the computer is ‘Locked Down’.

To check for this, try going to the part of the Reports and Administration module in your Lucid software where you normally add new students or individuals. Add a new student with a made up name and choose ‘Save’. Now go back to the previous menu and choose ‘Delete an individual’. If your new student does NOT appear in the list of registered individuals then there is probably a permissions problem on the computer which needs to be addressed by your ICT support.

Can I transfer my Lucid student data to a new computer? Can I transfer my Lucid student data to a new computer?

Yes, this is quite straightforward. Because your school or organisation's licence details are held within a database file, by transferring this file to the second computer which has your Lucid software installed upon it, your licence details including serial number will be transferred too. Please see the fact sheets below for detailed instructions.

Transferring Lucid results and software licence to another computer.

Why isn't my serial number being accepted by the software? Why isn't my serial number being accepted by the software?

Lucid's serial numbers (excluding Recall and Boosters) use a special format which only allows them to be used within a particular time period. This means that if you wish to install the software onto a different computer the serial number may not be accepted, especially if you have a one year licence issued in the previous calendar year.

If you have been using the software on a computer but now wish to install it onto a different one, you can transfer the database file from the original computer to the new one, and this will transfer your software licence too. If this is not possible then you will need to change the clock on your new computer back to the date of licence purchase to complete your installation. It is also best to set the computers date format in regional settings to dd/mm/yy. (This is essential for Windows 10 installs.)

If you have not installed the Lucid software before and you have a one year licence issued to you in the last calendar year, please contact and we can advise you how to complete your software registration.

Why am I not allowed to install Lucid Recall on a second computer? Why am I not allowed to install Lucid Recall on a second computer?

Lucid Recall (single user edition) is tied to one particular computer, normally the one you first register the software onto. If you wish to move Lucid Recall to another computer you should first Save a database archive (see System Housekeeping in the Lucid Recall software) and then email Lucid Research at and our support staff will nullify the Lucid Recall registration on your first computer and allow you to install the software onto a different computer.

You may then load the archive you saved previously into your new copy of Lucid Recall to restore your student results.

My software licence has expired prematurely or is telling me it will expire at an earlier date than I expected. My software licence has expired prematurely or is telling me it will expire at an earlier date than I expected.

Email, telling them your software serial number (format 99999-9999A-A999999 or 99999-9999A-AA99999) and the approximate date you expect the software to expiry so we can check this for you.

Please note if you did not purchase your Lucid program from us we may have insufficient information to help you – please contact your program supplier.

The serial number we require is the one shown on the login panel when you launch your software. If you have a second serial number (for example, one sent to you with a recent software renewal) which is not the same as the one shown when you launch your software please mention this to us in your email.

Are Lucid programs available online? Are Lucid programs available online?

GL Assessments are in the process of digitalising Lucid software. The timeline is as follows:

• Exact is now online only.
• CoPS, LASS 8-11 years, and Rapid are scheduled for online release in October 2019.
• LASS 11-15 years, LADSplus, and Ability are scheduled for online release in October 2020.
• ViSS and Recall are to be considered after other programs have been completed.

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