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Cops - Cognitive Profiling System
For Ages 4-8

The scientifically proven system for early identification of dyslexia
Since its release in 1996, Lucid CoPS has become established as the leading computerised assessment system for children in the 4-8 age range. Cops is currently used by over 6,000 schools internationally. Lucid CoPS has proven scientific validity for the early identification of dyslexia. More importantly Cops can assist teachers in determining a students cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This information provides a strong foundation for implementing appropriate IEP's for students.

Lucid CoPS comprises nine tests of fundamental cognitive skills that underpin learning. Each test is presented as an attractive and enjoyable game that takes about five minutes. Results, in the form of graphical profiles and individual response records, clearly show children's strengths and weaknesses in comparison with national norms. Percentiles, standard scores and age equivalent scores are provided. By understanding the child's strengths and weaknesses, potential problems can be spotted at an early stage, and appropriate learning and teaching strategies can be put into place to overcome difficulties and prevent failure. The graphical profile also gives the teacher important insights into children's learning styles so that educational experiences are optimised for the individual.

Lucid CoPS assesses:
Phonological awareness
Phoneme discrimination
Auditory short-term memory
Visual short-term memory
Visual and verbal sequencing

Dyslexia and labelling
Although Lucid CoPS can enable the teacher to identify dyslexia - if necessary, before the child has commenced reading the instruction - it does not demand that the label 'dyslexia' be used. CoPS enables teachers to understand the cognitive limitations that lie behind dyslexia, and to tackle these directly without needing to be concerned about labels unless they choose to.

Teachers manual
Lucid CoPS is accompanied by a comprehensive teacher's manual that explains how to interpret the profiles of Lucid CoPS results so that teaching and learning can be tailored to suit the needs of individual children. Suggestions for a wide variety of teaching strategies, including suitable computer programs, are included.
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