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Teachers have instant print access to multi-sensory materials that reinforce and extend online learning, and provide opportunities for oral expression, writing and collaboration.

Multiple Lexia resources can be accessed online for direct teacher-led instruction, as well as independent student skills practice and extension. Use Lexia resources individually, in small groups, or with the whole class.

While students are working at the online activities, Lexia is analysing their performance data in real-time, making instant recommendations to teachers as to which specific resources to use for face-to-face instruction, and also for independent practice and extension.


Lexia’s integrated system of personalised learning includes structured Lexia Lessons® plans that help teacher’s address skill-specific needs for students of all ability levels. Lexia Lessons® are automatically recommended for struggling students, providing scripted, step-by-step strategies for teachers to target each student’s skill-gap.

Each of the 190 lessons corresponds to specific online activities, and has been designed to fit flexibly into classroom curriculum.


Lexia Instructional Connections provide strategies and routines to structure individual and group activities that integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing.


As students successfully complete each skill level, the program provides a set of paper-and-pencil activities, called Lexia Skill Builders®.

These activity workbooks are designed to build automaticity on skills that have been mastered in the online activities and expand students’ expressive skills through discussions and written responses. Answer keys give teachers the ability to check students work quickly.


Close Reads are full colour 2 page student readers for Years 5 and 6 that provide opportunities for critical reading and analysis with a variety of real-world text types and engaging topics.

Close Reads are organised in levelled sets and can be used to develop fluency and comprehension while promoting higher-order thinking, collaboration, and discussion. The passages mirror those presented in Core5 activities and can be used to reinforce and build upon the online learning.

They support skill development in:
  • Informational and narrative text structure
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Analysing cause and effect
  • Exploring an author’s viewpoint
  • Making inferences and conclusions
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Using text evidence


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