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Reading Remediation for Years 7+

Lexia Strategies is included with every Lexia Core 5 licence.  Lexia Strategies addresses foundational reading skills for struggling students in Years 7-13.  The program focuses on foundational reading skills, starting at first year skill levels, with a more mature, age-appropriate interface and a range of content that covers basic phonological awareness through advanced decoding skills, vocabulary development, and comprehension activities. Lexia Strategies will help identify the remedial needs of each student and differentiate the instructional intensity needed to accelerate reading skills development.

Reading skills developed in Lexia Strategies for Older Students


Short Vowel, One Syllable Words
Letter-sound correspondence, phonological awareness in the initial, medial, and final sounds, including diagraphs; word, phrase and sentence comprehension.


Short and Long Vowels
Letter-sound manipulation, short and long vowel (silent-e) words, two syllable words; sentence and paragraph comprehension; high frequency irregualr words.


Advanced Word-Attack Strategies
Two-Syllable words, vowel-combinations, vowel-r words, suffixes; sentence and paragraph comprehension.


More Advanced Word-Attack Strategies
Multi-syllable words, hard and soft c and g, open and closed syllables; sentence and paragraph comprehension.


Structural Analysis
Anglo-Saxon, Latin and Greek word roots, prefixes and suffixes, special accents; sentence and paragraph comprehension.


Strategies for Older Students - Level 5
Greek word roots help improve structural analysis skills as well as comprehension.

Strategies for Older Students - Level 4
Cloze procedure activities improve reading comprehension.

In Levels 1, 2 and 3, students practice the decoding and word-attack strategies necessary for automatic word recognition in context.  Students who have mastered basic skills may start at Level 4 and work on word-attack strategies for multi-syllable words as well as comprehension skills at the sentence and paragraph level.  Level 5 of Strategies for Older Students addresses structural analysis.  At this level, students practice the more complex skills necessary for fluent reading, including prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek root meanings, special accents and additional sentence level comprehension.

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