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A Personalised Learning Path for each Student

Lexia Reading Core5 personalises each students learning experience with adaptive placement and pacing in activities.

Core5 is a student driven learning environment that provides explicit, systematic, adaptive learning on foundational reading skills, scaffolding students as they struggle and advancing them to higher levels as they demonstrate proficiency.  Immediate corrective feedback guides students through standard, guided practice, instructional steps where needed.

Free school-to-home access allows students to continue their independent work at home, in blended learning models, extended-day programs, basically almost anywhere with an internet connection!

Students work independently to develop reading skills in a structured, sequential manner with a focus on:
  • Foundational skills to develop automaticity and fluency
  • Listening and reading comprehension with complex text
  • Academic and domain-specific vocabulary to improve comprehension

To further support struggling students, teachers can access data-driven action plans—unique to each student—that are simple to interpret and drive differentiated instruction.
Engaging, Motivational, interface that allows self-directed learning

Each of the 18 levels in Lexia Reading Core 5 represents a different area of the world.  Students are engaged and motivated by age appropriate activities with:

Warmup activities start each lesson
Modern, interactive graphics
Multiple levels of scaffolding
Immediate corrective feedback
Reward animations and online certificates celebrate success!
Within each level, students choose which activity they want to work on next.  This allows the students to be self-directed in their learning as they move through the program and their journey around the world.

Core 5 provides explicit, systematic, adaptive learning on reading skills, scaffolding students as they struggle and advancing them to higher levels as they demonstrate proficiency.

Students are automatically placed at personalised starting levels
Students work independently at their own pace
Activities automatically adapt based on a student’s performance
Printable Lessons and Worksheets included to support online learning

Auto Placement

The first time students login to the Core5 program students are automatically given a series of strength based Auto Placement questions.  Personalised Learning pathways begin immediately with each student working through various skill levels to establish the best starting level for them based on their performance in the Auto Placement session.

Auto Placement uses content from Lexia Reading Core5 word recognition (phonological awareness/phonics/structural analysis) and comprehension (vocabulary/comprehension) activities.

After completing Auto Placement, the student begins Core5 activities at the beginning of their newly assigned level.  

View Video on Auto Placement

Instructional Scaffolds

The branching structure in Core5 personalises each students' online learning experience.

At-risk, on-level, and advanced students can each work at their own pace, and their teacher is notified (on web-based reports and via email) when they require support or intervention.

Advanced students have the opportunity to accelerate beyond their year level skills, as they are given the ability to demonstrate proficiency in skill area, and are advanced to the next level if no instruction is needed.

If a student is struggling with a particular skill, the program automatically reduces the complexity of the task for the student, providing scaffolded support on the specific skill or task a student struggles with, individualising learning and instruction for every student.  Because explicit instruction is only provided when needed, the program allows students who have mastered skills to move quickly through units and onto more advanced skills.

The branching structure is composed of three steps: Standard, Guided Practice and Instruction.

The Standard Step is the independent, on-year level task.  The student must demonstrate at least 90% accuracy in this step in order to move on to the next unit.

Guided Practice
The Guided Practice Step simplifies the task to allow the student to focus on the skill.  Scaffolds or modifications in this step may include removing choices, simplifying visual components, adjusting the complexity of language, changing the presentation of the task, or providing embedded support.

The Instruction Step explicitly teaches the skill and then further scaffolds the task.  When the student successfully completes this step, the student progresses to the standard step.

View Video on Student Driven Learning

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