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Lexia is dedicated to improving student learning through the use of technology.  Lexia Reading Core5 for the iPad® and certain Android™ tablets and the myLexia App for the iPhone®, iPad, iPod® touch and Apple Watch are two innovations that will prove to be game-changers in the field of education.  Lexia’s multiple platforms supports school BYOD policies, enabling use at both school and at home.

Lexia for the Tablet: The First Research-Validated Reading Program on the Tablet

Lexia for the iPad and Android tablet is the only research-validated literacy program available on tablets, providing the full functionality of Lexia’s data-driven, personalised learning program.

Students engage with the same activities as they would on the computer-based version of the program, additionally benefiting from the tactile, multisensory aspect of using touchscreen technology.  Lexia Reading Apps are fun and easy for younger or struggling students to ‘drive’, helping them to focus on the task at hand instead of being disadvantaged by the extra cognitive workload that using a keyboard or mouse can present.

  • Software provides students an explicit, systematic, structured and individualised approach to developing foundational reading proficiency.

  • Detailed performance data is reflected in real time in the myLexia reporting interface

My Lexia app provides student data – when and where you need it

Real-time student performance data is collected and updated every time students work independently in the online activities.  Teachers can access data reports online through their mylexia accounts online anytime, or via an iPad or iPhone app.

myLexia App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch brings student and classroom performance data to your fingertips.

This free app allows you to leverage the power of Lexia Reading Core5 anytime, anywhere, with mobile access to key information and data-driven action plans to help all of your students on the path to reading success:

  • Norm-referenced student and classroom performance data

  • Key data to inform instruction, increase intensity and improve student performance, anytime, anywhere

  • Real-time reports on students’ specific skill level and percent chance of reaching end-of-year targets

  • Personalised Achievement Certificates that can either be sent to a wireless printer or via email

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