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Lexia Core5 Sneak Preview

We hope you enjoy your Sneak Preview of the student experience.  When using the full program, students are given a series of questions that help the program to auto-place them to begin will work at an appropriate skill level for them. The full program also provides teaching staff ongoing student data and supplementary offline resources that address each student’s needs.

This Sneak Preview allows you to explore various student activities for some levels in the Lexia Core5 program (unavailable levels will be greyed out).  

When students begin new levels, a colourful introduction animation plays.  You can click the white arrow at the bottom right of the screen if you prefer to skip the animation.

Following the animation, the activity selection screen for that level appears.  Students can click on various parts of the picture to hear fun facts about that part of the world.  Students click the round selection dials to enter each activity.

Lexia student activities have been carefully structured to not only build one upon the other both within each level, but also upon skills practiced at earlier levels.  Please keep in mind that as the Sneak Preview allows you to choose any question, you are unlikely to experience learning an entire skill set as a student would when they are working fully in the program.

To experience how Core5 automatically scaffolds practice and instruction according to student need, trying making several errors in a row on a single activity.  Students who make an error are initially scaffolded from the Standard step to the Guided Practice step, and then to the Instruction step if they continue to struggle.
The standard step is composed of on-year level material.  All activities require the student to be at least 90% accurate at this step in order to advance to subsequent units.
Guided Practice
The practice step is a scaffolded version of the standard step.  It removes a level of complexity by simplifying a task or embedding supports into the activity to help the student.
Explicit Instruction on the particular skill or content that the student is struggling with is presented.  Students are then asked to apply the rule or skill by completing a simpler version of the task.

Please note that Strategies program activities are not included in this preview.  Strategies is an alternative condensed version of program that is aimed at older dyslexic students or remediation readers who need to focus practice on foundational word skills without the expanded comprehension, vocabulary and instructional scaffolds offered by Core5.  

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