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Year 1-6 Differentiated Reading Development and Instruction

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The Lexia Reading system comprises personalised online student learning, real-time performance data for teachers, as well as a vast library of printable supplementary resources for independent offline skills practice and teacher-led instruction.

Multiple platforms and Apps support school BYOD policies, enabling use at both school and at home. Teachers can even check data from their iPhone or Apple Watch!

Core5 builds upon 30 plus years of software reading skills development and is beneficial for all year 1 to 6 students regardless of current skill level.


Independent, Student Driven,
Online Learning
Data Driven, Teacher-Led
Written Practice & Instructional Resources
Personalised instruction ensures that students receive the appropriate intensity and support to acquire the skills they need to become proficient readers.
Teachers have online access to real-time detailed student data that identifies specific skills to focus teacher instruction on. Student dashboards also encourage self-monitoring.
Teachers have instant print access to multi-sensory materials that reinforce and extend online learning, and provide opportunities for oral expression, writing and collaboration.



Lexia Core5 online activities provide scaffolded support and explicit instruction exactly where needed. If a student struggles in a particular activity, the programs automatic branching simplifies the task to help them focus on the key skill. If they continue to struggle, the program explicitly teaches the skill, then further scaffolds the task, until mastery is achieved. Teachers are alerted if students need additional offline support via Lexia Lessons®.

Integrated offline lessons and worksheets provide further opportunities develop and consolidate skills.


Lexia Reading Core5 provides students of all abilities (from emerging readers to on-level and advanced students) a structured, sequential, scaffolded approach to the six areas of reading instruction - from phonological awareness to comprehension. The program creates personalised learning paths for each student through adaptive placement and pacing in the activities.


Lexia’s methodology for developing foundational reading skills is not just research-based... It is Research-Proven!

With seven peer-reviewed, published studies in scientific reading journals, Lexia’s level of efficacy research is unparalleled in the industry.

With over 30 years of continuous program development and research, Lexia’s level of efficacy research is unparalleled in the industry.

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