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Jungle Memory trains your Working Memory.  Working memory is our brain’s post-it note. We use it not only to remember important information, but also to work with it. For example, when students are following a list of instructions, they need to remember the instructions as well as complete each task. Or, when doing mental math, they may need to remember a set of numbers, and, at the same time, complete the calculation.
Jungle Memory is scientifically proven to boost:

Working Memory



Class Room Success

Improves Learning Disabilities


Working memory measures a student’s capacity or potential to learn. Scientific studies confirm that working memory matters MORE than IQ.

Jungle Memory is a web based application and does not require any installation. The student signs up for an 8 week program. Research shows best results are achieved from 8 weeks of intensive usage. Students have unlimited access from school and home for an 8 week subscription.

“Kids with Working Memory problems are often misunderstood” Gwen Dewar, Ph.D

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