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Cross Trainer – unlimited user licence (New Zealand Delivery Only)

A single device Windows installation of Cross-Trainer, with no student record limit.
Includes Windows install DVD, 1 hand controller, and manual.
One off purchase price. (Windows OS)
(30 day right of return excludes freight and opened controller packs)

Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
$ 365.00 Add

Additional Extras

Replacement Cross-Trainer Logitech F310 Controller

Logitech F310 Hand Controller
New Zealand Delivery Only
(30 day right of return for faulty goods only. Freight charges still apply.)

$ 49.00 Add

Cross-Trainer develops both Visual-Spatial and Logical Reasoning Skills.

Students with an under-developed visual-memory may for example struggle to copy from the white board.  Improved Visual Spatial skills will help with subjects that emphasize visual and conceptual learning, such as mathematics and science.

The Visual-Spatial skills reinforced in Cross-Trainer include:

  Visual Tracking
  Mental Rotations

  Visual Memory
  Spatial Orientation
  Multi-Perspective Coordination

Logical Reasoning provides the foundation for creating new ideas, comprehending theories, and recognising relationships.  Logical reasoning skills are crucial to basic organisation, discerning patterns, and drawing inferences, all of which are necessary in conceptual learning.

The Logical Reasoning skills reinforced in Cross-Trainer include:

  Inductive Reasoning

  Deductive Reasoning

Cross-Trainer is recommended for both Remediation and Enhancement purposes for ages 7 to adult.   

Some users as young as 6 who are capable of navigating the activities with a hand controller may also be ready to begin using Cross-Trainer.

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