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Cross Trainer – unlimited user licence (New Zealand Delivery Only)

A single device Windows installation of Cross-Trainer, with no student record limit.
Includes Windows install DVD, 1 hand controller, and manual.
One off purchase price. (Windows OS)
(30 day right of return excludes freight and opened controller packs)

Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
$ 365.00 Add

Additional Extras

Replacement Cross-Trainer Logitech F310 Controller

Logitech F310 Hand Controller
New Zealand Delivery Only
(30 day right of return for faulty goods only. Freight charges still apply.)

$ 49.00 Add

Cross-Trainer maintains student enthusiasm by using tested and proved methods: non-distracting backgrounds, direct manipulation of learning target elements, immediate positive feedback, and lack of negative feedback.

Cross-Trainer is designed to enhance the way students understand and learn by improving the thinking strategies and conceptual skills that are required in a variety of learning situations.

Cross-Trainer is based on three key findings from research conducted in the fields of cognitive science and education.


Many children have not developed their cognitive abilities to the level required by the school curriculum.


Specially designed cognitive interventions can improve cognitive abilities.


Improvements in cognitive abilities are associated with improved learning outcomes.

The game like feel of Cross-Trainer software provides a fun and novel approach to brain training.  The use of a hand held controller to navigate activities is familiar to most students and especially motivating for those who may struggle with pen and paper based activities.  Students are not required to read anything, with all instructions being audibly spoken.

There’s scope for everyone to improve their brains cognitive skills with 10 different activities, each with 25 levels, and upper levels that are likely to challenge most adults.  Automatic branching keeps students in a challenged state, minimising boredom and frustration.

  • Engaging game like activities

  • Students practice independent of teachers

  • No reading required

  • Motivational Feedback

  • Detailed reports show student progress

  • Suitable for all Windows PC operating systems

  • Home versions available

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